Stovetops & Ovens: Your Guide to Buying New Kitchen Appliances in Calgary

In the past, the first question was always: Gas or Electric? Today, however, when purchasing new kitchen appliances such as a range, with both a stovetop and an oven, Calgarians have many more options to consider. Prior to purchasing your perfect luxury kitchen appliances, the professionals at Jerome’s Appliance Gallery can help you decide by determining your cooking style and what you intend to use them for most. For example, if you are an avid baker or an adventurous home cook then consider a professional-grade range, while if you prefer quick and easy meals, then a more economical kitchen range may be the best choice for your lifestyle.

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The most popular choice for many professionals and more technical home cooks at Jerome’s are traditional gas stovetops with open heat burners. These burners are easily adjusted and the temperature can be accurately changed during the cooking process. Though more expensive to purchase and install than electric stovetops, gas stovetops are typically less expensive to operate due to the abundance of natural gas. There is also a safety issue to consider when cooking with an open flame, especially in a home with small children or pets.

Another popular option for stovetops are electric stovetops. This style heats food without a flame instead, using electric coils under a ceramic-glass surface to heat the cooktop, thereby heating your pots and pans. They are less expensive to purchase and install than gas stovetops as many home kitchens are equipped with a plug-in for an electric kitchen range.

Induction stovetops are the latest addition to kitchen ranges. Through the use of special magnetic cookware and the power of electricity, induction-style stovetops feature electromagnetic coils below a ceramic-glass surface that transfer energy directly to the pot or pan above the coils, keeping the surrounding cooktop cool to the touch. Another benefit to induction stovetops are that they heat quickly and are more efficiently than traditional gas and other typical electric stovetops.


Conventional ovens are definitely the more traditional style that many customers grew up with, where the burners heat the air inside the oven and transfer the heat to the surface of the food. The problem with conventional ovens are hot spots, where the bottom rack tends to overcook or burn food due to it’s proximity to the heat source. Similarly, placing food near the top of a conventional oven often overcooks it because it is close to the upper heat element and rising heat will accumulate at the top of the oven chamber.

The standard style in many modern kitchen ranges is a convection oven, which uses a fan to circulate the air inside the oven, providing more even baking and reducing overall cook time. This is achieved through the additional heating element located in the motorized fan that heats the air to a uniform temperature before it enters the oven cavity, also allowing for more accurate regulation of the internal temperature.

Another choice for ovens is the emerging technology using steam. Steam ovens boil water from an built-in reservoir, creating a moist environment within the oven chamber that allows food to retain natural moisture, texture, and nutrients (particularly with vegetables).

Whatever you choose for your next kitchen appliances, be sure to stop by Calgary’s largest luxury appliance showroom at Jerome’s Appliance Gallery and experience their Living Kitchen, featuring over 40 full-sized Wolf, Subzero, and Miele appliances for customers to view their varied applications, options, and finishes.