Trend in Modern Kitchens

Our Favourite Trends for Modern Kitchens 

With new products and design styles hitting the industry all the time, we’ve picked out our favourite trends for modern kitchens in 2015 so far.

Think Sustainability for Your Cabinets

When looking at large kitchen projects such as replacing cabinets, we’re noticing a focus on sustainability and in particular, renewable choices for wood. Several varieties that have seen a surge in popularity are bamboo and an engineered species of tree called lyptus. 

With bamboo cabinets, there are several benefits, the first being that bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable resource as it typically grows to maturity in 7 years. Although bamboo is technically a grass not a wood, it is actually naturally stronger and harder than most of traditional hardwoods and can also be stained to take on the appearance of a more traditional wood.

Developed from a hybrid of eucalyptus trees, lyptus is a new sustainable substitute for hardwood as it gives the looks of a fine grain mahogany or cherry wood, but takes about 15 years or less than a quarter of the time for traditional hardwoods to reach maturity for harvest. Lyptus has a durability and hardness similar to maple, making it perfect for standing up to the usual dents and dings experienced by kitchen cabinets. As well, it’s even a great alternative option for flooring.

Learn the Magic of Speed Cooking 

Whether a busy parent or last-minute entertainer, modern consumers are always looking for faster, more efficient ways to prepare meals at home. To cater to this industry trend, GE launched their Advantium speedcook technology in 1999 and has spent the past decade and change developing a product to give on-the-go home cooks cause to celebrate.

To accomplish their guarantee of cooking food 2-8x faster, speedcook ovens use an advanced combination of traditional convection heating, microwave energy, and halogen light. While many consumers are well-versed with convection heating and microwave energy, the use of halogen light is the key that sets speedcook technology apart from the traditional cooking methods. 

Due to it’s ability to produce high-heat quickly, halogen lights make the need for preheating obsolete. All together these three techniques allow food to brown and crisp on the exterior, while maintaining a moist interior. As is the case with speedcooking a 5lb. chicken in 33 minutes vs. the usual 1 hour and 55 minutes including preheat time in a traditional convection oven or 4 baked potatoes in 10 minutes vs. 82 minutes.

Classic Craftsmanship 

With the speed at which modern technological advancements are made, sometimes tradition and the art of craftsmanship are cast to the side. Fortunately for consumers, the opposite is true with century-old French manufacturer, La Cornue and their daring lines of kitchen ranges. Whether it’s taking time to savour a fine wine or enjoy a perfectly ripe cheese, the French have perfected the art of living. As such it’s not every day that we encounter a modern appliance manufacturer that takes the time to treat each order individually. 

In the production process, one La Cornue craftsman is assigned to a single order and will dedicate as much time as necessary to assembling the original kitchen range until their own exacting standards are met. This nearly forgotten manufacturing philosophy is what truly makes La Cornue the producers of one of the most beautiful kitchen ranges in the world.

The Lab Look

A popular kitchen design trend that’s gaining ground is the lab look. This is accomplished when the cabinets or sideboards on the island, contrast with the kitchen’s perimeter cabinets, creating a more visually interesting space. The lab look is also a great way to give your kitchen a little injections of colour or texture without committing to a bold backsplash or cabinet choice.

With such amazing modern kitchen trends this year so far, we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2015 has in store. To see all of these kitchen products and design trends on display, visit the only authorized La Cornue dealer in Calgary and Alberta’s largest showroom of luxury appliances, Jerome’s Appliance Gallery, located at 7152 Fisher Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2H 0W5 or call (403) 255-6050