The Best Recipes For Your New Convection Oven

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a professional convection oven from Jerome’s Calgary appliance gallery. But deep down you’re wondering if you will REALLY notice the difference between your new convection oven and your traditional convection model? The answer is YES. Here are some of the best recipes that will demonstrate the features of your new professional oven.

To start experts and manufacturers usually recommend adjusting any recipe for a convection oven in two ways:

i. either by lowering your new oven’s temperature by 25 degrees or,
ii. by shortening the cooking time by roughly a quarter.

First, try out roasting a chicken or roast beef with root vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots. Professional convection ovens were found to reduce the cooking time of a roast by up to 30%. This is accomplished by the oven’s consistent heat rendering the fat quicker, which seals in the juices of the meat and browns more evenly. With vegetables like potatoes, the natural sugars tend to caramelize more quickly leaving a creamy center with a crisp, crunchy exterior.
*Remember that convection ovens cook by using consistent hot air circulation in the oven’s cavity, so always use a shallow roasting pan or cookie sheet and never cover your oven racks in foil.

Baking is another great way demonstrate your convection oven’s professional features. Try out a traditional pie dough to see a lighter and flakier crust due to the release of steam faster from the butter in the dough. Cookies are also a great recipe to make in your new oven as there exist no hot or cold spots, so the cookie sheet will not have to be rotated as frequently.

Lastly, try toasting nuts or drying out thinly sliced meat for beef jerky. The even heat from your new convection oven will help to not only brown the nuts or dry the protein sooner, but achieve a more uniform texture than a traditional oven or dehydrator.

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