Fall in Love with a Miele Dishwasher

For many Calgarians looking to revamp their major appliances, high-quality dishwashers are usually overlooked. With more experience 80 years of German engineering, Miele is one of the leading innovators in home appliances. In particular, Miele dishwashers are at the forefront in the kitchen design industry, continually winning world-wide consumer and design awards for their evolving innovations. This includes equipping all of their dishwashers to meet the minimum silence rating for noise-level, making Miele dishwashers the quietest on the market.


Here are 3 reasons to consider purchasing a Miele dishwasher:

1. Updateable Machines

Miele was the first major appliance manufacturer to introduce the revolutionary practice of having updateable appliances in order to keep up with technological advances. If you’re wondering how a Miele dishwasher can last for over 20 years, this is it. Using just a laptop, a professional Miele technician has the ability to alter your appliance’s programming, such as telling your machine to reduce it’s water intake or to adapt to a new type of detergent.


2. Built-in Water Softener

Here in Calgary, our water comes from both the Bow and Elbow Rivers and though it varies seasonally, our water tends to lean more towards the hard side. This means there exist more calcium and magnesium in our water and this actually has a big effect on your dishwasher. When washing dishes with hard water, the minerals reduce the effectiveness of detergent and can leave dishes with film.

A Miele dishwasher contains a device that measures the water hardness at each stage of the washing program and manipulates the hard water with a salt additive to make the machine’s performance optimal for dishwashing. This is especially important when caring for valuable china, crystal, and everyday dinnerware like wine glasses.


3. CleanAir Drying System

Many Miele dishwashers are equipped with an advanced drying system with a port at the bottom of the machine that draws in room temperature air. It’s important to note that this external air never enters the dishwasher cavity and is disbursed through special channels, allowing the interior water particles to condense. This technology provides the cleanest and most hygienic option for drying dishes on the market.

As Calgary’s largest luxury appliance showroom, Jerome’s Appliance Gallery is proud to have Western Canada’s first ever Miele Design Centre, where clients can view the latest products from Miele, including their award-winning dishwashers that are built to last over 20 years! If you’re considering any appliance from Miele, be sure to pop by the showroom and consult with the Calgary appliance professionals at Jerome’s.