Experience the Difference with a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

As Calgary’s only appliance store to feature a Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen, Jerome’s Appliance Gallery is your one-stop shop for high-end luxury appliances. The Living Kitchen offers Calgarians a unique shopping experience as over 50 full-size Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances are installed in kitchen vignettes, and our experienced specialists are on-hand to walk you through the details of your new appliance purchase.

What sets Sub-Zero’s refrigerators and their refrigeration technology apart from other appliance brands is a combination of:

1. Precise temperature control.

Consistency is king when it comes to keeping your food fresh for longer and with Sub-Zero’s microprocessor, the refrigerator’s interior temperature is monitored and maintained within one degree of the temperature that has been set. In addition, Sub-Zero’s patented, more advanced seal around all four sides of the door helps to lock in cold air and keep down energy use.

2. Proper humidity for different types of food.

Typical refrigerators use a single compressor system, so both the refrigerator and the freezer share the same air. However, fresh foods in your refrigerator require cool, humid air to stay fresh, while frozen foods in your freezer require frigid, dryer air to remain preserved. With Sub-Zero dual refrigeration system, both refrigerator and freezer have separate, sealed systems to maintain optimum conditions for food preservation. There’s even a special seal on the vegetable crisper that maintains your produce even longer.

3. Innovative design.

Over three generations ago, the Sub-Zero refrigerator was introduced that had the same depth as standard kitchen counters. Since then, Sub-Zero’s ever-evolving line of integrated products can be customized with panels and handles to blend in seamlessly with existing cabinets. Another reason why not only homeowners, but designers and contractors love to work with a Sub-Zero refrigerator is that precise manufacturing tolerances permit installation with just an 1/8″ reveal between appliance and surrounding cabinets.