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About Jerome’s Appliance Gallery

Our Staff

Jerome Curran and Janice Kendall- President and Vice President

Jerome and Janice have known and worked together for over 14 years, having been business partners at Jerome’s Appliance Gallery for 7 of those. Theirs is a partnership built on fun, commitment and determination. In speaking with Jerome, one gets an understanding of the respect he shares for Janice and her “incredible marketing sense,” as well as her persistence- “Janice is why we are here.” In fact, it was Janice’s idea to call the company “Jerome’s.” Together, the team has created an atmosphere of family at Jerome’s, which is felt the minute you walk in the door, and is fundamental in allowing for an exceptional customer experience on every visit.

Jessica Curran – General Manager

Jessica is the Jerome’s Appliance Gallery go-to gal. She oversees everything from client files to the Living Kitchen bistro, tying up all the loose ends along the way. As Jerome’s daughter, Jess has been involved in the Appliance Gallery since day one and having always worked in retail, found a natural fit in the family business. She is always focused on the customer and building an honest, successful business! The dynamic Jessica & Jerome share in the workplace is unlike no other, family shows. Taking after her father, Jessica says that the customer relationships she develops and the feeling of family created with the staff and experience at Jerome’s is her favorite part of coming to work each day.

Mark Vernon – Sales Manager

Mark has been with Jerome’s since our opening day, With deep knowledge of all major brands, trends and options as well as experience working with home-owners and the designer community you are guaranteed to be impressed with your purchasing experience with Mark.

Mark prides himself on educating our customers and he continues to match them with appliances that suit their cooking, cooling or cleaning styles and add value back to their lives and homes & Enjoy!  Mark is also excited to be a new grandfather!

Glenn Williams


Glenn Williams – Sales

Glenn hails originally from Montreal, now having called Calgary home for 32 years. He has been with Jerome’s for over 5 years now, but has known Jerome as a neighbour for over 18! Glenn enjoys the personal experience the environment of Jerome’s can offer the client. He is excited to meet new people and introduce them to the Appliance Gallery and why they should choose Jerome’s. Glen’s passion for dealing with the clients and helping people is what makes him a great asset of the Jerome’s sales team. In his spare time, Glen also enjoys golf and has a soft spot for animals, shown through his dedication to his 6 dogs and 3 cats!

Randy Schultz – Sales

Randy joined the Jerome’s sales team in the spring of 2013 and we are happy for his growing success! Randy has been working in custom kitchens and cabinets for over 30 years, and previously worked with Jerome at Calgary Home Appliance. Winnipeg born, Randy has spent the last 10 years in BC, where he worked with Kitchen Kraft, and is now happy to be back in Calgary. Randy enjoys working in sales, being the guy any customer can go to, and is interested in supporting, building and maintaining that client relationship every step of the way. He also enjoys working in the conceptualization stage of your kitchen and home renovation and has enjoyed working directly with the renovation team to make the client’s vision a reality. Randy is all about The Team at Jerome’s, and he is proud to be a part of this ‘people business’ –where “it’s all about the people!”

Bill Craig- Distribution

Bill Craig- Distribution

Jerome’s Appliance Gallery is pretty lucky to have a guy like Bill Craig. Bill is the kind of guy that embraces problem solving, and gets excited about every day at work being different, full of new challenges and successes. Mr. Craig is in charge of shipping, receiving, the building maintenance, and deliveries- and he has got it down to a science! As a born and raised Calgarian, Bill also trains Thoroughbred race horses and enjoys cheering his daughter on at SAIT basketball games!

Devon Kendall

Devon Ulak – Accounting Manager

Devon has been with our team for the last two years, she is an asset in our accounting and customer service areas and has developed a wide knowledge of appliances growing up in the industry.

Family is key to Devon with her son Bentley and partner Mark, they enjoy traveling and getting out for local exploring on the weekends.

Carissa Lorencz – Purchasing & Distribution Manager

Meet Carissa, a mother of two who loves to travel. Carissa works in our purchasing and distribution department which means she has an eye for design and quality. She has been working at Jerome’s for the past three years.

Mark Ulak – Sales

Meet Mark Ulak, who is part of our sales team as well as a chef and being a part of our very own bistro who better to work with our clients on their appliances needs.   Mark was born in Lethbridge but spent a five-year period in Ottawa pursing post-secondary education. He is of Polish descent which means this guy knows good food, (not to mention he makes a mean bacon wrapped pork tenderloin). While Calgary’s oil and gas industry may be what brought Mark here, his passion for all things culinary could not be ignored and we are excited to see his journey unfold as he transitions into sales.

Mark enjoys travel and time with his family along with always creating new recipes for work and home. Welcome Mark to our sales team!

Kristin Bird – Bistro Specialist

Meet Kristin Bird, Jerome’s newest addition to the team, our Bistro Specialist. Kristin grew up in Cochrane and is training in holistic nutrition. She firmly believes that to heal one’s body we must use food as medicine. Kristin was a friend of the Jerome’s family and has been around the business for years. She grows her own herbs and loves to use them for her creations. Kristin also loves to bake, knows her way around some delicious Turkish food, and is head over heels for Italian cuisine

Steve Kendall – Accounting

Meet Steve Kendall, Jerome’s CFO. Steve may have been born in Toronto but he calls Calgary home as he has lived here for the majority of his adult life. He has only been with Jerome’s for one year but he finds delight in problem solving, making him a vital member of the team.

Jerome Curran

Jerome Curran lives and breathes 3 things: family, hockey and appliances!

In 2007, after 3 decades in the appliance industry working, managing and partnering in House of Light and Calgary Home Appliance, Jerome opened Jerome’s Appliance Gallery with one purpose: to provide AMAZING SERVICE, superior to that of anyone else in Western Canada.

Experience the Difference

Jerome created not just a kitchen appliance store; he created a unique business where customers truly experience the appliances they are looking to purchase. A culture that allows customers to demo products in a “Living Kitchen,” bring their children without worry, make everyone feel welcome and “at home” from the moment they step into Jerome’s Appliance Gallery.

Jerome set out to not just “sell” kitchen appliances. He set out to sell his customers the lifestyle they want. It is the high-end appliance store for everybody. From newlyweds just starting out to growing families to retired couples, Jerome created a company that supports clients at every stage in life.

Experience the Unbelievable

Jerome is not looking to build an award-winning company with the most competitive pricing and largest selection. Rather, he is looking to build Jerome’s Appliance Gallery on consistently superb customer service and a different kind of experience for clientele. Yes, Jerome’s does offer competitive prices, but nobody can compete with the customer experience. At the end of the day, Jerome Curran is dedicated to always finding a solution for every customer.

Always Hands and Always Helping

Jerome is pretty much always selling appliance lifestyles. However, he always takes time to be with his family (newly grown from 3 children to 4), volunteer often (coaching hockey, Heart & Stroke Foundation, hosting charity dinners, etc.), and, collect shoes (after all, he’s on his feet all day, why not have good looking feet).

President, Jerome Curran and Vice President, Janice Kendall had an idea to open an appliance store that was different then any other in Calgary; an appliance store where customer service and follow through are key. At Jerome’s we are not just selling appliances; we are selling a lifestyle of comfort and luxury that is individually tailored for each client, family and home.

We have a highly experienced Sales Team in Mark Vernon and Glenn Williams.

Strong product knowledge in luxury appliances and caring about the individual needs and concerns of each client is imperative to our Sales Team at Jerome’s. They are keen to work closely with each client, designer, builder or renovator, so that the appliance portion of a project will flow smoothly.

Our dedicated employees understand that the customer comes first and that their satisfaction is important to the success of our business. Our company is largely built on referrals, we look at each client as a lifetime customer and strive to make their experience so great that that they will want to tell their friends and family about us.